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We were wondering what started the rift between former lovers Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, and sources tell X17online exclusively that it was Sam who threw the first punch - literally!

After bumming a ride from Sam's sister Annabelle on Monday night, it seemed like everything was peachy between the girls, but two nights later Lindsay had Samantha kicked off the turntables at the Tea Room, and a source reveals exclusively to X17online that Lindsay was out for revenge because Sam allegedly injured Lindsay's lip the night before!

After showing up to the Tea Room on Wednesday night with what appeared to be a cold sore bruised lip, Lindsay tweeted, about her friend's birthday and a mild run-in with Sam: "Best birth ever for Scott - no trainwrecks or hatred anymore ... No1 will leave with a cracked rib :) that's a good thing."


Of course, Sam and Annabelle vented about the evening's events on Twitter, but they weren't the only ones who attracted attention. One of Lilo's pals who was with the 23-year-old starlet on Tuesday night when the incident allegedly took place, privately responded to a fan's tweet about the fight confirming that Sam did in fact "beat up Lindsay."

To say that Sam "beat up" Lindsay is a pretty strong accusation and one that isn't necessarily backed up by a small scrape on Lindsay's lip. For all we know it is a cold sore. That said, these two are certainly being cold and sore toward each other!

Last night Lindsay went to Madeo with some pals, and after that the group (including her new BFF Marcus) headed over to Voyeur. About 30 minutes after Lindsay arrived, Samantha showed up, but the real drama happened when the two left the club.

An X17 photographer tells X17online exclusively that on her way out, Lindsay spoke to a traffic officer and asked if he could pull Sam over since she had been drinking inside the club! Not only that, but there are rumblings that Lindsay is looking to seek a restraining order against Samantha, though that might be a bit hard seeing as they live in the same building and frequent the same nighttime spots.

An X17 photographer on the scene tells X17online exclusively:
    "Lindsay was clearly set on ruining Samantha's evening. Lindsay's not just out for revenge - she's at war! But it's weird - she seems happier recently. It's like fighting with Sam is like some sort of therapy for her.

Samantha didn't get pulled over, but Lindsay now seems hell bent on getting back at Sam for something!