Even though Lindsay Lohan led us to believe that she was hanging out with Samantha Ronson and her sister Annabelle the other night, it turns out Lindsay was just bumming (well, forcing, from what we've heard!) a ride with the Ronsons, as she lives in the same building as Samantha.

Last night Lindsay and Samantha both went to the Tea Room, and we knew Sam got kicked off the turntables, but we didn't actually think Lindsay would pull a Regina George and publicly embarrass her ex like this! A source inside the club tells X17online that Lindsay and Samantha were fighting before they even got there, and once they were inside, Lindsay somehow managed to get Samantha kicked out of the DJ booth. Our source added, "Annabelle screamed at Lindsay, and the girls left shortly after that. Lindsay and her entourage laughed about it like it was a huge joke, and it was pretty clear to everyone that Lindsay was running the show."

After Sam received a heavy amount of criticism for using Lindsay to work her way into the Hollywood scene, it seems like the Mean Girl is equally capable of ruining her rep. But the question is, will Lilo always come out on top? I guess we'll find out tonight at know Linds is going to be there, and Sam might just show up for a rematch!

So which team are you on - Team Lilo or Team SamRo?