We're not sure what Lindsay Lohan has gotten herself into, but she's really pissed off the Ronson sisters this time!

Samantha and her sister Annabelle no longer follow Lindsay on Twitter (Sam has also removed Lindsay from her MySpace top friends), and Lindsay has finally removed the girls from her own follow list as well. While Lindsay may be able to follow Sam around at the clubs, it looks like she's walking on thin ice, as Sam seems incredibly irritated by Lindsay's latest antics.

Even though Annabelle gave Lindsay a ride home from Teddy's the other night, it looks like it wasn't exactly something she volunteered to do - sources are telling X17online that Lindsay basically forced her way into the car, and the Ronson girls let her have her way only because they didn't want to create a scene.


When Lindsay went to the Tea Room last night, she was still in total stalker mode, and an eyewitness tells X17online that Lindsay was chasing after Sam the entire night! An already irritated Sam then got kicked off the turntables, and a few hours after that she tweeted:


Eek! So how did her little sis Annabelle feel about it all? This is what she tweeted around the same time Sam voiced her feelings:


So what's the deal with Lindsay? Is she trying to convince the public that everything is peachy with the Ronson family when they've basically shut her out? Sam and Lindsay live in the same building, so even if Lindsay isn't hanging out with them when they return home after a night at the clubs, she certainly seems to want people to think they are!