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So much for getting a sneak peak at his public apology!

A radio station in Asheville, NC - WKSF FM 99.9 - leaked an alleged copy of the statement Tiger Woods is supposed to be delivering tomorrow at the TPC Sawgrass. Check it out below:

    "Directly to the point there is no one to blame but me for the mess I have put my
    wife and family through. I accept total and complete responsibility. My wife and I
    have been trying to work things out but sadly things have not worked out. Again
    all the blame is upon me. We have decided to live apart with me having mutually
    agreed upon times when I can be with our children. I know that the world wants
    all the details of what transpired in our marriage but that is between my wife and I
    and will remain that way. I have to get on my life and that means playing golf
    again. I have contacted The Masters and have informed them that my plan is to
    resume The Masters and they have said that they would welcome me with open
    arms. For that I am most grateful for I deserve nothing. Finally I want to thank all
    my fans around the world for standing by me when I let you down horribly. I failed
    all of you about as badly as a person can. I apologize to everyone of you. I
    promise all of you that you will see a new Tiger Woods, a better Tiger Woods and
    I will not let you down. Now I'd like , by the grace of God and with His help, to get
    back to what I do best and that is playing golf. See you all at The Masters. God
    Bless you all. Tiger Woods."

Team Tiger, however, says the entire statement above is "absolutely false." That being said, I'm sure Tiger will touch on many of the points mentioned!

Sidebar, who thinks he's returning to golf? I do!

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