X17 photographers just informed us that one of Travis Barker's close pals got pulled over and ticketed by California Highway Patrol after blocking traffic and threatening photographers on Parkway Calabasas just before 11:40am.

When photographers first spotted Travis, he was driving his Escalade and being tailed by his pal, but after a few minutes the two returned to the rock star's home and swapped cars, with the friend getting behind the wheel of Travis' SUV. After cruising down the road, the friend stopped the car and began screaming obscenities at photographers, catching the eye of a CHP officer.

Our X17 photographer tells X17online exclusively:
    "Travis and his friend were both yelling and throwing things at photographers when they first came out, and Travis was making a motion with hands that depicted a gun being fired. When the motorcycle cop showed up, he immediately scolded Travis' friend, and shortly after that a CHP car with two officers arrived and the vehicle was cited."

Of course, the drama all began over the weekend when Travis lashed out at a photographer for getting too close to him and his daughter. Not only did he threaten photogs verbally, but he took a swipe at one videographer! In case you missed it, click the video below to watch it all play out...

Stay tuned for pictures and video!