bad hair day Beckham Maxfield James Perse
bad hair day Beckham Maxfield James Perse

Vicki has got to be kidding, hiding from us like this!

What Mrs. Beckham maybe doesn't know is that we luv her casual look, her light makeup and her tousled hair -- we love that look maybe even more than her gorgeous glam look!

VBecks went shopping yesterday at Maxfield and then at James Perse in Beverly Hills, accompanied by her bodyguard. Stocking up on some more cotton duds?

There's no question Victoria Beckham has the most envied wardrobe in Hollywood (if not the world!) and a rockin' body to go along with it, adorable features and all the rest, but there's something endearing about seeing Posh dressed down, looking a little bit like the rest of us in a long cardigan and skinny jeans (and by a "little like the rest of us" I mean she still looks 100 times better than most of us).

So Note To Victoria ... Wear your comfy clothes, just run your fingers through your hair, and put away the platform heels sometimes. We love you like you are!