mlohanexc021910_attack.jpgAfter being hospitalized with chest pains just over a week ago, Michael Lohan was rushed to St. Francis Hospital in New York Tuesday afternoon for the same. His girlfriend Kate Major confirms to doctors tell Lohan he suffered a minor heart attack.

Lohan had traveled to Los Angeles last week to work on promotion for his upcoming cross-country bus tour reality show, tentatively titled Crossing Borders. Michael headed to Miami just before the weekend where he made a satellite appearance on the Geraldo show and participated in a shoot with the Kardashians for their show.

Lindsay's dad was in good spirits during his travels, albeit cautiously concerned about his health. He told X17 last week: "I just have to take it easy and I'll have to have surgery when I get back to New York."

It seems his body caught up with him before his scheduling did and Lohan, a smoker, but avid workout enthusiast, was admitted to the Manhasset, New York hospital this afternoon.

UPDATE - Michael Lohan, always in good spirits, emailed X17online from his Blackberry in bed!: "Guess my heart was in a hurry; it couldn't wait 'til Friday. Going up for the angio in a few. Ugh. They do it through your inner thigh. YUCK!"