navarroPETA460.jpgThis is certainly one way to make a statement! Dave Navarro shows off his lean, smooth, inked body for PETA's Ink, Not Mink campaign.

The provocative ad hopes to save millions of animals from being killed for their fur...all in the name of fashion.

The rock 'n roll hottie tells PETA:

    "There was a time in my life where I would wear over-the-top outfits, and some of those outfits contained fur. [T]hen several years ago, I saw video footage of animals being skinned alive and screaming, and it honestly is the most horrific, inhumane thing I've ever seen—a dying, twitching, skinless animal in such terrified shock crying, screaming blood-curdling screams that are so hard to watch and listen to."

We're so glad you're comfortable in your own skin, Dave!