A sexual harassment claim filed against Jesse James in 2000 by an ex-employee adds yet another layer of inappropriate behavior to James' brewing sex-scandal.

A lawsuit filed by James' ex-employee Deann McClung (and obtained by Us) claims that the West Coast Chopper owner routinely sexually harassed McClung and other women around the office by making denigrating remarks, inappropriately touching her, keeping pornography around the garage, leering at her and others, touching her without permission and most shockingly, exposing his "sexual organ" to McClung.

McClung claims that when she complained about the behavior, she was terminated.

The suit was eventually dismissed by both sides in 2001 (long before James and Bullock were married in 2005), but this is not the first time we've heard that James may have been more than a little inappropriate in his office.

One employee said that James would routinely post ads on the internet looking for "hot tattooed biker chicks with big boobs" while at work and would invite his targets to the office!