Reports today claim Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have separated and are living in different homes after just 18 months of marriage ...

Yes, it seems like these two have been together for DECADES but in "reality," the two tied the knot just back in April last year (after a less formal marriage in Mexico five months earlier). But since they started dating, the couple's MO has been publicity, publicity, publicity.

The pair are famous for their set-up "paparazzi" shots, their Us Weekly covers, and their endless PR stunts -- so we're wondering, is this "breakup" just their latest quest to inject themselves into the headlines?

After all, Heidi underwent TEN plastic surgery procedures in a single day in her bid to become the most famous singer-reality show actress-Playboy pin-up. She recently fired Spencer as her manager and hired some new-age guru only to fire him a few weeks later. Spencer espoused his belief in crystals, telling the media he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the rocks recently. Let's face it -- these two have an infinite number of reasons to be sickened by the other but it always seemed like they were in their schlocky schtick together.

Oh, so you wanna be REALLY sick? Click on the below links to see the DEFINITIVE gallery of Heidi and Spencer in all manner of kissing and hugging, and .... ugh, gag!!!!.

So what do YOU think?