Jermaine Jackson finally breaks his silence about the stun gun incident involving his 13-year old son Jaafar. While speaking to a Dutch TV show, Jermaine revealed that the stun gun was intended to be a gift from his teenage son. He says:

    "He was getting this little thing for me. And somehow, someone alerted the press and it got out of hand. There was no encounter with Blanket or anything. It was just to create talk. But my son feels very, very bad because he had told me that he was going to get me something online and then before we left to come out here and somehow it just got out of hand, but Blanket is fine."

As we previously reported, the Jackson family tells X17 exclusively that they believe the children's nanny Grace Rwaramba tipped off the LA County Department of Children and Family Services about the stun gun in order to discredit Katherine Jackson as a fit guardian. They also believe Rwaramba provided video for the story to a tabloid website.