'Nuff said! This raunchy video of Michelle McGee doing a stripper dance for the camera pretty much speaks for itself.

Stay tuned all the way through - best part is at the end!


Meanwhile, check out Michelle's high school yearbook photo on the right!

Who knew she'd turn out to be this rebellious, tattoo-covered cyber model?

Apparently, Jesse James' "other woman" played sports at Eastlake North High School in Ohio, including track, soccer and even was a cheerleader! Michelle also made the honor roll four years in a row. Impressive.

And it seems Jesse isn't the only one involved in a custody battle with his ex - Michelle's ex-husband Ronald Shane Modica is seeing temporary and legal custody of their 5-year-old son, Avery.

"I need protection for my son," Modica says in the documents. He claims the son "fights me violently, and screams" when it's time to go to his mom's house.

Modica also says that Michelle has done "more stripping, pills, alcohol" over the years, and that she has brought "X-rated performances" and "live WEB cam pornographic broadcasts" into the home she shares with Avery. Modica also fears his ex will skip town with their son without telling him.

Drama drama drama!