Jesse James may be married to one of the top-earning box office beauties, but brings in some serious cash himself. He's got his West Coast Choppers shop, a TV show, his burger joint Cisco's and his hot rod mag Garage.

While Jesse's name is splashed all over the headlines right now for allegedly cheating on his Oscar-winning wife Sandra Bullock, it would seem he might have lost some fans after reportedly carrying on an affair with a younger tattoo model. Cheating on America's Sweetheart doesn't usually win you points.

On the contrary!

According to an employee at Garage Magazine, advertising orders are on the rise since the "Bombshell" report of his supposed hookups with Michelle McGee. The source tells X17online exclusively:

    "All press is good press. We've been having a ton of advertisers calling within the last few days to get face time. Business is going very well."

I guess money is money. On the Garage Magazine website, they make their advertising sales pitch pretty clear:

    So here's the deal. No BS. It all boils down to greed. You want money. We want money. If you give us your money, we'll help you get lots more of other people's money. People who don't even know you want their money. We'll introduce you to them in our cozy little ad showcase called Garage Magazine. They will feel an unexplainable pull to your merchandise. Your fortunes will increase. And you'll have more ad money to throw our way. Win-win.

How's that for a sell?

We're told Jesse has been hard at work every day, and has instructed employees to not comment about his personal situation. We're told between Cisco Burgers, Garage Magazine, West Coast Choppers and his upcoming TV show for The Speed Channel, Jesse has been keeping extremely busy.

That's one way to keep your mind occupied.