lilwayne230logo.jpgLil' Wayne's freedom is coming to an end. Fo sheezy!

The rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, will finally appear before the judge in New York today to plead guilty to attempted gun possession. After the plea, he's expected to turn himself in to begin his 1-year jail sentence.

It was just last month when the Cash Money mega-star's lawyer delayed the rapper's court date due to dental surgery. We thought that grill of his was indestructible! But eight root canals later...guess not.

This all stems from 2007, when he was arrested for criminal possession of a weapon following a performance at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan. This charge could have resulted in 15 years behind bars. But in exchange for a guilty plea, his time in the slammer will be next to nothing. Wayne says although the gun was found on his tour bus during that incident, it was registered to his manager and was in a bag near the rapper.

Since then, there have been several more arrests for gun possession and felony possession of drugs in Idaho and Arizona. Lil Wayne's Arizona trial is scheduled to begin March 30.

As for how the rapper will be treated in jail, a New York corrections officer told MTV News:

    "He'll be housed with inmates who are classified in his category, and he'll be able to be a regular inmate. He'll be able to watch television, go into the day room and congregate with people of his classification. He'll have no preferable treatment at all. He'll be treated like a regular inmate."

But will he get extra time to brush and floss? That's what we want to know!