lindsayparispix.jpgPhotos courtesy of Twitter

I think it's time for us to take a break and let Lindsay tell her story herself - via Twitpics! Hey, it's the way of the future.

Since she's suing more than acting these days, LiLo has a lot of time on her hands! The 23-year-old is in Paris going to fashion shows and has been Tweeting pix of her adventures...

"Okay, i was having lots of fun on iphoto!!" she says. Well, clearly! And below the top photo, she writes: "hmmm? what kind of face am i making?! i'm confused? lol" - your guess is as good as ours! And what about her hanging with Boy George? Random!

And now our girl just Tweeted this:


Mmkay. Hope you're not sick! Sidebar, Linds has been hanging out with stylist J. Logan Horne (pictured below, center) a lot lately while in the City of Lights. He's been Tweeting about her nonstop in fact!


Has he replaced her BFF Patrick???