After partying it up at Trousdale last night, Lindsay Lohan was snapped arriving at a house party where she fell into a cactus as she attempted to sneak past a pack of photographers. Lindsay was immediately helped up by a pal and a photographer, and when we caught her leaving at 5:30am (with a police escort, natch) she slipped again in the driveway!

An X17 photographer on the scene tells X17online, "Lindsay appeared completely out of it - her voice was hoarse, she was dropping obscenities left and right, and she had serious difficulty walking." Our pictures of the starlet certainly seem to back up that observation - Lilo definitely looked like a hot mess, and we're starting to get worried about her again!

The 23-year-old party princess tried to blame the fall on being pushed by photographers, but after watching the video, it seems like this is entirely Lindsay's fault. I'm not sure if it was the insanely high heels, a little too much to drink or perhaps a combination of both, but girlfriend needs to be more careful!

Maybe she'll tweet something about this a little later today when she wakes up?