Michael Lohan is on a mission to save his daughter Lindsay. He tells X17online exclusively:

    "There's a plan in place to get her off the prescription pills. I can't mention the details or she may run."

Online reports are claiming that those closest to Lindsay, as well as law enforcement, fear the young actress is going to die if she doesn't get help. There have also been reports of placing Lindsay on a 5150 hold, which is when a person is involuntarily taken into custody because they are deemed to have a mental disorder that makes them a danger to him or her self. However, law enforcement doesn't feel she meets the criteria.

In an exclusive interview, Michael tells X17online:

    "No one can help Lindsay like I can. Everyone is coming out now saying they care. Why didn't they care when I went to the narcotics station, the cops, the judges? They didn't take me seriously. I'm trying to find out who is giving her the prescriptions."

He goes on to say, "Lindsay needs to be in a place where she's in detox from the prescription drugs, given blockers, therapy and counseling. She doesn't need to be in a traditional rehabilitation program where they're going to give her more prescription drugs. She needs the right people and God back in her life."

As for Dina's involvement, Michael tells X17 exclusively:

    "Dina is in as much denial as Lindsay is. All Dina cares about is child support and money. There has been a plan in place for while now. Lindsay's mom has been contacted by the right people, but she's been in denial and hangs up. Dina is toxic at this point. As long as Dina doesn't put money and her pride first, and we do this together, I believe we can be successful in saving Lindsay."

So will Lindsay get the help she needs? MIchael says, "If she wants to do it, she will. I can help her."