Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is not exactly camera shy as is evident in these videos X17online obtained exclusively from OnHerCam.com

Abbie Sadek, owner of live sex chat site OnHerCam.com, tells X17online she hired McGee from May 9 - June 15th, 2009. Sadek says her site allows "... users to come in and text chat with girls for free -- to see them on camera, they must pay. Our models offer anything from non-nude teaser stuff to softcore (topless) stuff and then, of course, the most expensive chats are the hardcore chats. But we find our users really favor softcore."

Sadek ended up firing the chatress for three reasons: she made only $158 for the entire month, she violated site rules by talking openly about other customers in chat rooms and she disappeared during a scheduled shift.

Sadek tells X17online:

    "I'm glad we fired her when we did as she is not someone I would want representing our company. She's a homewrecker as far as I am concerned and the way she has flaunted this situation is beyond disappointing. It's pretty bad when even a porn company doesn't like you!"

The tattoo model uses some interesting adjectives in her site profile. Check out her "About Me":


So after watching the videos, our favorite quote from Michelle is: "I like pain sometimes, but not all the time." Wonder if she likes the pain she's caused for Sandra Bullock?