Olivia Munn is fulfilling all of our fantasies in her new spread for the April/May issue of Complex Magazine.

The 29-year-old G-4 host is keeping that flawless bod mighty busy these days with two upcoming movie roles: Iron Man 2 with Robert Downey Jr. and Date Night with Steve Carell and Tina Fey.

The actress speaks candidly to the men's mag about a recent visit to the drug store to buy condoms:

    Olivia Munn: I need to start being more conscious about where I go. Like, the one day in my life I went out expressly to buy condoms, the cameras were following me.

    Complex Magazine: Of course they were.

    Olivia Munn: Not only was it the one day I went to expressly buy condoms, it was the one day I went to buy condoms at the Pleasure Chest. I go in, buy my condoms, and they were like, "We're doing gift cards today." So I'm like, "Well, since I'm here I'll just get more condoms with my gift card." They ask if I want another bag and obviously I was like, "No thank you, I'll stuff all of these condoms in this tiny bag." I walk out and click, click, click! Now there are pictures of me walking out of the Pleasure Chest with a bag overflowing with condoms.

    Complex Magazine: At least it wasn't a gigantic 144-pack of anal suppositories or something.

    Olivia Munn: No, not that day.

TMI, Olivia! So do you want to see how to ride a unicorn? Miss Munn shows us how after the jump!