snoop032210_01-full.jpgSnoop Dogg certainly knows how to throw a party, and it looks like everyone was invited ... including the bomb squad! But hold on to your grenades, it wasn't exactly what you think.

A rep for The Roosevelt Hotel tells X17online that Snoop did in fact throw a private party in the hotel lobby that was paid for by Adidas. Problem is, even though the party was in a "private space," the lobby was over capacity, at one point reaching 750 people! The hotel says the fire marshal called the LAPD who decided to send the SWAT team's bomb squad for crowd control. But there was never a bomb threat.

The Roosevelt rep tells X17online exclusively, "The Snoop party was a private event. With that kind of large crowd, they were anticipating possible problems, but the crowd remained totally peaceful. Unfortunately, the party was shut down early."

As for why so many people were allowed in the hotel in the first place, the rep tells X17online "Even though the party was blocked off, you can't throw people out of the lobby."

But apparently, the SWAT team can!