Comedy Central's South Park is no stranger to controversial material. For the show's 14th season premiere, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker decided to use Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's family drama...and make it into a game. Well, sort of.

In the animated clip, a character resembling Tiger Woods is chased out of the house on Thanksgiving night by a club-wielding Elin look-a-like. Turns out, the scene is part of a violent video game being played by the South Park boys. The game is referred to as Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.

EA Sports tells X17online exclusively that they were never contacted by Comedy Central prior to this South Park episode. EA Sports will release the real version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 on June 8.

This particular South Park episode called Sexual Healing focused around celebrity sex-related scandals and also featured David Letterman, Charlie Sheen, Bill Clinton, and David Duchovny.

I guess nothing is off limits!