The Mesnicks are now a happily married couple, but the drama that happened outside The Bachelor wedding is anything but a happy ending.

X17online has XCLUSIVE video of two photographers being arrested by security guards outside of the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes on Saturday. You can see how physically aggressive a couple of the security guards were with photographers -- all in the name of citizens' arrests!

An ABC executive denies involvement saying, "The network did not hire the security." We were then referred to call Warner Horizon Television and Next Entertainment. Warner Horizon tells us that they did not hire the security either. Next Entertainment could not be reached for comment.

Here is what Maximiliano Lopes, one of the photographers who was arrested, tells X17online, exclusively, about the incident:

    "We parked the car on PCH...up the hill. There was a sign that says public trail. I was told that beyond the trees, it's private property for the hotel. We stayed behind the trees. Security told us to keep moving, so we did. Then the supervisor showed up and everything got crazy! He said this is private property and you're trespassing. You're under arrest. I said what are you doing? They then handcuffed two of us and took us from the public property to inside the resort. That's where police were called to officially arrest us."

Lopes says he has back pain as a result of the rough treatment he received from the security guards and he's considering legal action.

So just why were the photographers arrested anyway and for what were they cited?

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells us:

    "The security guards at the resort insisted that we put them under citizen's arrest. The photographers said it was public property, but the guards said it was private resort property."

Whitmore says that the officers spoke to witnesses who corroborated the security guards' stories. The photographers were then booked and cited for penal code 647cPC - blocking a public walkway. Eric Brogmus was cited for the same, in addition to penal code 242cPC for battery.

The Terranea Resort tells us that they're security team had nothing to do with the incident saying "It was all them", referring to The Bachelor's production team.

Speaking of production ... take a close look at the video again. You'll see that when the camera pans to the area where the wedding is set to take place, there are cameras shooting the incident from the property. Hmmm...will this incident appear as part of the televised wedding on ABC on March 8th? You know how it goes...where there's drama, there are ratings.

As for the photographers, they believe they're innocent. Lopes tells X17online a lawsuit is in the works. A court date has been scheduled for March 28th.