sbullock021510_01sad.jpgAfter a cheating scandal involving her husband Jesse James and tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock has sought refuge out of LA, with her family and friends, a source tells X17online exclusively.

Bullock hosted a small business dinner last night during which she met with film producers about an upcoming role in which she would star opposite her Oscar competitor Meryl Streep; Streep would play Bullock's mother. A source at the dinner tells X17online:

    "They laughed and had a great time over grilled chicken, salmon and brown rice. You couldn't even tell she was going through something."

SBullockBurgerAfterOscar030810_sad.jpgBut the story was different tonight when Bullock visited with family and friends again, over dinner. At one point she broke down ...

    "Sandy broke down at one point but she came right back. She is talking about her next move. So sad and tragic. She is talking a lot about emails the kids are sending to her. Its really emotional here right now."

She's still communicating with the children, but will Sandra reunite with Jesse or will they divorce? If they can't work it out, will she still get to see the kids?