jongosselinpg.jpg Rumors have been swirling that Kate Gosselin may be permanently relocating to the West Coast. The mother of eight has been kicking up her heels on Dancing With the Stars, and a source close to the show tells X17online that "Kate is loving the Hollywood life."

Jon Gosselin's lawyer, Anthony F. List tells X17online exclusively:

    "Jon is not happy about her relocating anywhere. He's having a hard enough time seeing the children as it is. The law in Pennsylvania is very clear that if you make a move like that, 3,000 miles away, it's not something that the court supports. If it's for the children's best interest to move, then the courts have authority to grant the request."

List says Jon opened up to him saying, "I miss the kids, and she won't let me spend time with them." Jon's lawyer adds, "A lot of times, the kids will cry to their mother because they miss their dad, and she's pretty hard-nosed about it."

Wednesday morning in Pennsylvania, Jon's brother-in-law spoke out regarding, what he believes, were violations of the state's child labor laws. According to his argument, the Gosselins' eight kids didn't have work permits to film Jon & Kate Plus 8. But after an investigation, state officials decided not to file long as it doesn't happen again.

Neither Jon, nor Kate, attended the hearing. As for Kate's possible move to LA, sources tell X17online that the 35-year-old has been eyeing homes in the Hollywood Hills.