britcandies10a.jpgbritcandiespink1.jpgimages courtesy of Candie's

WHOA! - We go a bit confused over this one. When these UN-AIRBRUSHED pix of Brit were released, we thought it was a new campaign for Candie's but of course these are from last year. In these shots, released by Brit herself to combat Photoshopping skewing girls' concepts of what a perfect body is, you can see Brit's cellulite in all its glory, slight love handles, tattoos, and blotchy skin. That's FO REAL, Y'ALL!

Not only does Britney Spears know how to sex it up for the cameras with her face, but her figure's not looking so bad either!

The 28-year-old pop princess shows off her bikini bod in the latest batch of ads for the clothing company, and she even plays naughty with a few boys in these steamy shots. Is anyone else getting flashbacks from the Onyx Hotel tour?