Conan O'Brien isn't wasting any time getting back to his talk show schtick!

The funnyman announced via Twitter that he's returning to the airwaves on TBS...not FOX. He tweets:

    "The good news: I will be doing a show on TBS starting in November! The bad news: I'll be playing Rudy on the all new Cosby Show."

Conan's new show will air at 11pm weeknights. OMG! So that means Lopez Tonight will be bumped to midnight. NBC bumped Conan for Jay Leno...and now Conan has done the same thing to the Latin comedian. Talk about irony! Sorry George...but hey, that's a damn good lead-in!

Lopez, who calls the new TBS due "LO-CO" couldn't be happier with the situation...or at least that's what he's telling his fans. George tweets:

    "I welcome @conanObrien to his new home at TBS .. A new generation of late night is about to begin !!"

Will Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the masturbating bear be tagging along with Coco?

Come November, let the debauchery begin!