locklearlogo.jpgHeather Locklear was for arrested for a hit-and-run accident near her LA home last Saturday. The actress is currently on probation for a reckless driving incident from 2008.

Heather drove up a curb near the intersection of Lakeview Canyon and Falling Star Avenue in Thousand Oaks at around 4am Saturday morning, striking a No Parking Sign, Ventura County Sheriff's Captain Ross Bonfiglio confirms to X17online. The actress then drove away from the scene without reporting the incident. A surveillance video helped deputies trace the accident to Locklear's black 2005 BMW.

A person living near the intersection heard the incident at 4am, but didn't call the sheriff's until 7:48pm Saturday night. Upon arriving on scene, deputies noticed that the guard shack for The North Ranch Country Club Estates, where Locklear lives, has a surveillance camera. That's where they found footage of her damaged car leaving the scene and after running the plates, they discovered it was Locklear's car.

Captain Bonfiglio says they interviewed Locklear asking where she was coming from at 4am Saturday night, but he tells us "they didn't get much information." He adds, "There was no indication that she was intoxicated," and "she was very cooperative."

Locklear was arrested for hit-and-run, but not taken into custody because the offense is considered a misdemeanor.

Just two year ago in Santa Barbara, Locklear was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of prescription pills. She was placed on three years of informal probation after pleading no contest to reckless driving.

Whether this incident is considered a violation of her probation is yet to be decided. Calls to Heather's rep have not been returned.