Heidi Montag is following in her frenemy Lauren Conrad's footsteps and adding writer to her resume.

But instead of penning a thinly veiled tell-all about her experience on The Hills, Heidi is gunning to become the next Shane Black!

"I’m writing a movie right now. It’s very action packed," the reality star told Us. "It's Bourne-meets-Barbie."

So who would star in her Bourne-meets-Barbie action-packed movie? Heidi, of course!

"I would love to be an action star," she said. "I've trained in knife fighting and guns for over two years with one of the founding members of Saw, [who] was [in] the original Delta Force. So I've been shooting and practicing the whole real-life action figure for years," she revealed. "So I'm very excited to have action roles."

Heidi as the next action star? Does that mean she wants to go more Angelina Jolie in serious action roles or Jennifer Aniston in action comedies? "Actually, I want a combination of both," she said. Course, Montag recently tweeted that she wants to be the blonde Tomb Raider, so we think we know where her loyalties really lie!