Jon Gosselin has fired his attorney Anthony List, and he's letting the world know via Twitter. The father of eight tweets:

    Mr. Anthony List Sr., Esq. is not my representing attorney; I terminated him on April 15, 2010. He has no legal right to speak to the press or anyone on my behalf.

List, whose been handling Jon's custody case, has been very vocal over the last few weeks about Kate's parenting skills previously telling X17online:

"I don't find any fault with her lifestyle, just her parenting. That's what I'm concered with as Jon's lawyer. Hollywood has had too much influence on the decisions she's made as a mother. It's a lifestyle that's a very unique one. But it's a problem when she starts using the children because she's angry with Jon. Putting a gym in her home to practice dancing doesn't make her a good parent. She is where she is today because of those eight children."

As for Jon's next plan of attack, he tweets:

    Kate, her attorneys and I are moving forward to work out things privately and amicably.

Calls to Anthony List have not yet been returned.