jongosselinrob.jpgJon Gosselin is going after primary custody of the eight children that he shares with Kate Gosselin, according to his attorney Anthony F. List.

Kate's ex filed the papers in a Pennsylvania courthouse today. In regards to the filing, List tells X17online exclusively:

    "She is no longer the final arbitrator when it comes to the kids. Her position as the final arbitrator ended at approximately 3 o'clock (EST) when these documents were filed. When Kate Gosselin went back to LA for Dancing With the Stars, Jon called her right away and said look, I'll move in. I'll watch the kids while your gone. Kate said no."

Jon is also asking the Pennsylvania courts to review the couple's current child support order - which forces him to pay $20,000 a month. List says, "It's ridiculous. It's contrary to the law in Pennsylvania. I don't think Donald Trump could pay that kind of support!"

As for Kate's parenting skills, List tells X17online:

    "I don't find any fault with her lifestyle, just her parenting. That's what I'm concered with as Jon's lawyer. Hollywood has had too much influence on the decisions she's made as a mother. It's a lifestyle that's a very unique one. But it's a problem when she starts using the children because she's angry with Jon. Putting a gym in her home to practice dancing doesn't make her a good parent. She is where she is today because of those eight children."

List expects the custody case to resume within the next two weeks.