Jon and Kate will be in court sooner than later. X17online exclusively has learned that a court date has been set for May 25 at The Berks County Courthouse in Reading, Pennsylvania, in which the Gosselins will me meet face to face regarding child support and custody.

Jon's lawyer Anthony F. List tells X17online exclusively that Jon continuously gets rejected by Kate when it comes to visiting their eight kids:

    "He wanted to spend this weekend with the kids and she said no. She wanted the nannies to watch them instead."

As for the strained communication between the two exes, he says, "They talk on a need-to-talk basis, for scheduling ... because there are constant changes with the children’s schedules."

Regarding child support, List quips, "I want to hear what she’s making. Child support is what both parents make. There is no question that the calculations will show that Kate is making substantially more money than Jon."

Some reports have hinted that Jon will partner with Kate in an upcoming show. List fires back saying, "He never said he wanted to be a part of it. There has not been any offer made, but he’s going to consider anything that’s a good faith offer. He likes his reality shows, so I think he’d be into that."

As for TLC speaking to Jon regarding a show, List confirms, "They have been in communication with him."