Kate Gosselin said that since she started Dancing with the Stars, she's been getting advice on how to be a single parent from another famous blonde: Pamela Anderson.

“I have gotten to know the Pam that is just a mom that drops her kids off at school. She’s given me advice about what it’s like to be a single mom," Kate told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show this morning.

If that advice from Pam involves Kate forgetting to wear pants, dressing inappropriately at her son's baseball game and appearing naked on basic cable, then I shudder to see the results of said advice.

It was previously rumored that Kate and Pam were icy towards each other on the show, but not so, according to Kate. “We sit in the hair and makeup chair next to each other and talk about our kids. She’s awesome," Kate said.

Pam, for her part, told Ryan last week that Kate "isn't bitchy to me."

What a ringing endorsement!