kalleysoneng.jpg Kirstie Alley's 17-year-old son William True got engaged to his 18-year-old girlfriend Lauren Sargeant, and in a recent interview with Ellen, the Scientolomom revealed that she couldn't be happier for the teenage lovers!

Kirstie told Ellen, "I feel good because they're really in love ... You know, I was married [when] I was just 19 years old and that didn't work. Then I was married when I was 30 years old and that's when everyone said you should get married and that didn't work. So, I don't think I'm an expert on the subject. So, I think if somebody's in love and wants to be married then let them be in love and get married."

Good thing she's so supportive! Just a few weeks ago we snapped Kirstie and her two kids, Lillie and True out and about in Los Angeles. Think the newest addition to the family will be joining them in the public eye anytime soon?