michaelstatement.jpgMichael Lohan seems to be getting really serious about getting his daughter Lindsay into rehab -- whether she wants to or not!

Michael tells X17online he tried to get key people in Lindsay's life to confront her over Easter weekend, but people's holiday schedules interrupted his efforts. Still, it feels like something may happen this week ...

Michael tells X17online exclusively:

    "Since I found out what a horrible way Lindsay is in, and after finding out how drastic it has become, I immediately contacted the necessary people in Lindsay's circle, including her attorney as well as an attorney of my own. It is nobody's business when or how it will happen. Hopefully Lindsay, her attorney and the 'people' who influence her, will be on board. If not, the process will continue without them. I promise that!"

In fact, Lohan blames Lindsay's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for not caring enough about his client's best interests:

    "Shawn Chapman Holly tells me one thing and does and says another. Meanwhile she says and admits privately how bad Lindsay is in but she does nothing. Instead, she says she has a legal responsibility toward Lindsay. So does this mean that she should watch Lindsay die. And is keeping her out of jail as important as keeping her alive."

Holley defended herself in a statement to X17online today, responding to Michael's allegations:

    "Michael Lohan's conduct with respect to his daughter and to the media speaks for itself. I represent Miss Lohan and will continue to protect her personal and legal interests to the very best of my ability."

You think Lindsay will be receptive to her father's efforts?