lohanrough032510_0.jpgLindsay Lohan just left a lawyer's office in Venice where she was supposed to give a deposition regarding a 2007 incident in which she allegedly held three guys hostage in their SUV while using that vehicle to chase after her assistant through the streets of Santa Monica. Lohan was booked for DUI and driving on a suspended license -- both misdemeanors -- and possession of cocaine and transport of a narcotic -- both felonies.

As for today's appearance, Lindsay was warned that the lawyers planned to keep her all day for questioning. Realizing that she just didn't have the time, the "in demand" actress booked it.

As for the lawsuit, it states that Lindsay was "angry and aggressive" and the three men "felt surprise, shock, fear and panic at Lohan's surprising and sudden act" when she hijacked their car to follow her assistant who was in another car. Whoa -- crazy girl!

You can run, but you can't hide Lindsay!

Stay tuned for the video, coming soon ...