lohantosue.jpgMichael Lohan is fuming that someone hacked into his Twitter account earlier today, posting Tweets claiming his his daughter Lindsay has HIV and slept with music mogul Tommy Mottola when she was 17 years-old.

Michael tells us: "I will NOT let this continue to happen. These are 100% lies and I will sue whoever did this."

And Lohan ain't lying! Lisa Bloom, Michael's attorney, tells X17online, "We will pursue all legal remedies, including criminal charges, against the perpetrator of this despicable act."

Bloom also released this statement to X17online:

    Last week, many web, print and television media ran a false and defamatory story about Michael and Lindsay Lohan. The false story said that Michael had posted statements on his Twitter page that his daughter Lindsay was HIV positive and had sexual relations with a studio executive at age 17. These statements about Lindsay are completely false. And Michael Lohan never tweeted any such thing.

    As soon as Michael Lohan was alerted by reporters that such statements had been allegedly been posted on his Twitter page, Lohan, through his counsel, Lisa Bloom, insisted that he never posted them and that his account must have been hacked.

    Nevertheless, many news organizations, blogs, and gossip sites ran with the story, without checking in any way to confirm its authenticity. Many also insinuated or stated outright that they did not believe Lohan’s denial.

    The lie began on popular online message board, where a community member posted a Photoshopped, fake picture of Michael Lohan’s Twitter page, adding in the fake tweets about Lindsay. The tweets, in fact, never existed.

    Each media outlet that broadcast this fake tweet as true or possibly true has damaged Michael Lohan irreparably by spreading the reprehensible lie that Michael made the statement about his own daughter. This is especially damaging at a time when Michael is working tirelessly behind the scenes to obtain help for his daughter.

    Michael Lohan, through his attorney, Lisa Bloom, demands that each and every outlet that ran this false and defamatory story immediately issue a prominent retraction thereof together with an apology to Michael and Lindsay Lohan. Said retraction and apology should be at least as prominent as the initial story or stories that ran, i.e. on the first page of the site or publication, or at the top of the television program, if applicable.

    Michael Lohan reserves the right to take all appropriate legal action in the event retractions and apologies are not issued appropriately. Michael Lohan loves his daughter and his #1 priority is to save and protect her.