ABC/Adam Larkey

Even though DWTS producers are terrified one of Pam's boobs will slip out on national tv, giving the family show a Superbowl-sized headache, Anderson doesn't really see the need to wear pasties (little stickers that cover the nipples).

On Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning, she said of the little nipple stickers, "I think they arrive at every rehearsal and everywhere I go. They hand them to me. I don't like them. They bother me and I burst through them's just a nipple!"

She went on to tell Ryan, "I'm like 'oh hi, no nothing is going to fall out nothing is going to burst out.' I don't know what it is. These outfits I'm wearing are much less revealing than the [professional] dancers."

Pam also cleared the air on the rumors that she and the other blonde mom on the show don't get along. "No, no," she said of reports that she and Kate Gosselin are engaged in a celebrity feud. "She sits next to me and we get our hair done. I've talked to her a few times...she's not bitchy to me."

"To me" being the operative words!