Ricky Martin tweeted a promo video to fans in which he appears completely naked -- save for a few digital tattoos -- in a video produced for his Black & White tour, called My Skin Talks.

The older video has new meaning in light of his recent admission that he's gay.

In the clip, directed by Ricky's pal Dago Gonzales, Ricky lies completely naked on a white lit-up floor, while digital tattoos appear on his body, with Spanish words that read "change your life," "forgive" and "find yourself."

Ricky recently came out as a "fortunate homosexual man" in a public letter to his fans, ending years of speculation about the Puerto Rican singer. The video for My Skin Talks seems to be a very personal statement about his recent revelation, a stripping down of the singer who is experiencing a rebirth in his life and career.

You can see the full vid here below: