Rachel Uchitel, Tiger's most infamous alleged mistress, is definitely planning her own reality show, and a source tells X17online exclusively, "She's been working on the concept with Mario Lopez."

Online reports claim that Rachel's show will be based on her search for Mr. Right. Ironically she recently told the Extra host during an interview, "It's very hard to meet someone when you are working all the time or you are in a certain industry. It's very hard to meet somebody that has a totally different life and hours. I'm very into loyalty, honesty and humor." So perhaps that's where their TV partnership developed.

Miss Uchitel has also been hanging in Vegas lately, taking dance lessons at Delgado Dance studios. This has led many to believe that she's upping her skills to be considered for next season's Dancing With the Stars. However, our source says "she's just doing it for fun." You have to admit though, she'd be a good get for DWTS!

So how are Rachel's skills on the dance floor? Without mentioning any "horizontal mambo" jokes, our source tells us:

    "She is ok, but very lazy when it comes to the moves. Unfortunately, she doesn't practice very hard and after watching her dance, you can definitely see that."

We're told Tiger's most infamous lady friend has her dance classes at least twice a week and "she has to be snuck in and out of the studio" to avoid photographers seeing her.

As a former DWTS contestant, maybe Mario is giving her dance tips, too. But honestly, is the world ready for a Rachel Uchitel reality show? Let's hope Mario can help her create a hit! Good luck with that.

Mario's rep tells us, "It's just a rumor."