Last night after being released from custody, Tito Ortiz and his attorney held a press conference in North Hollywood where a tearful Tito revealed that the mother of his twin boys has been fighting an addiction to Oxycontin for "well over a year."

"Unfortunately, this morning Jenna relapsed, and suffered the consequences of that," Tito's attorney Chip Matthews said. "When Tito confronted her about the drugs he had found, she denied it and had some emotional breakdown over it."

Matthews also intimated that Jenna was high at the time of the fight, and that she simply lost her balance, which caused the apparent bruises.

Tito got very emotional when he said he hopes "Jenna will be okay."

As for Jenna, she's taken to Twitter to defend her character, saying:

    "Its sad tito had to resort to attacking my character. I am being strong for my children, and I hope he feels a bit better now."

Cops were called to the couple's Huntington Beach home yesterday morning for a "disturbance." After police conducted an investigation, Tito was taken away in handcuffs, while an obviously upset Jenna was spotted with a brace on her arm.

Ortiz and Jameson have been together for almost four years and have two one-year-old twin boys together.