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Michael Lohan stormed his daughter Lindsay's apartment this morning with the help of three sheriffs, on the pretext of protecting his younger daughter Ali.

Ali, a minor at 16 years-old, has been staying with her older sister for a week without another legal guardian present. Michael is worried Lindsay's negative ways may be rubbing off on Ali after the two have spent time partying together at clubs and attending the Coachella music festival this past weekend.

Michael tells X17online exclusively:

    "They gave me the key at the front desk to get into Lindsay's apartment. I was there to check on Ali's welfare. She's a minor; I had to make sure she was okay. I heard they were driving 115 mph on the way back from Coachella. We went up with the sheriffs. We went inside, made sure she was okay. Lindsay was getting irate so i left and she said she's going to get a restraining order against me. But I have to watch what's going on. Ali should not be out here alone."

Because Michael was, in the end, helpless to do anything, he says he'll take this case to Child Protective Services:

    "I'm gonna see what Child Protective Services will do and what Lindsay's attorney will do and if they won't do anything, we'll just have to take it step by step."

According to Deputy Wilson at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department, deputies responded to a “welfare check." Michael Lohan contacted sheriffs to "check on 16-year-old Ali, who is visiting Lindsay." The deputy also told us that either Lindsay or Ali contacted Dina to let her know what just happened.

He added: "No one is really happy when they have to deal with law enforcement for this type of situation, but she [Lindsay] did was she had to do and we did what we had to do."

Check out the video of the scene just moments ago ...