Who knew Amanda Seyfried was so depraved?

The Letters to Juliet star revealed that she has a tattoo of the word "minge" on her body -- which is apparently British slang for her ladyparts! "I'm kind of proud of it," Seyfried told Chelsea Handler last night of the tatt that's apparently an ode to her nickname(!).

But that's not all she revealed -- Amanda also said she loves the same-sex kisses she's shared with Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body and Julianne Moore in Chloe. "I don't know how old she is, but dayum, she's amazing," Seyfried said of the 49-year-old Moore. "She kind of takes my breath away every time I see her."

Even though Amanda and many of her films' fans enjoy the lesbian lip locks, there is one person who is not allowed to like it -- her dad.

"He's not allowed to enjoy it -- he's not allowed to see it," she said. Somehow we doubt he's too bummed about that!