lindsaydadlawyer.jpgMichael Lohan will be going before the probation judge on or before May 20 to ask the judge for help in controlling his daughter Lindsay. Despite pleas from family and friends, the actress refuses to voluntarily go into rehab.

Michael Lohan's attorney, Lisa Bloom, tells X17online exclusively:

    "Michael will be seeking random drug testing, police searches for her home and properties and a probation extension of at least a year. Conservatorship is still an option."

As for her client, Bloom tells us "Michael is torn. He doesn't want to watch her to deteriorate, but she refuses to talk to him."

Lindsay's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley had a "long, respectable conversation" with Bloom yesterday. However, "she has a client who is not in compliance," says Bloom.

Shawn Chapman Holley has not been available for comment.