David-Beckham-visits-Afgh-001.jpgDavid-Beckham-visits-Afgh-002.jpgDavid-Beckham-visits-Afgh-003.jpgimages courtesy of Squadron Leader Neville Clayton & Corporal Barry Lloyd

On Friday David Beckham made a visit to Helmand, Afghanistan where approximately 8,000 British troops are based, and the soccer superstar posed for pictures, signed autographs and he even got a lesson in weapon handling from several of the officers.

He told BFBS British Forces News: "These guys are the bravest people that I've ever met and it really is, it truly is, an honour to be here." Beckham added, "I've been wanting to come for years, but with my playing schedule I've never had the time. But obviously being injured now it's given me the chance to do things I've always wanted to do and never been able to. I'd love to come back."