beckhamletterman.jpgCourtesy CBS

David Beckham paid a visit to David Letterman last week, where he showed off a very graphic shot of surgery being performed on his torn Achilles tendon (image inside.)

"They cut open the top of my calf, pulled the tendon back down, cut open my Achilles and re-attached it," the soccer star explained.

But the good news is the procedure seemed to have worked, and even though David will have to sit out for the World Cup this summer, he'll be back to the field this fall.

"They [doctors] said as long as I follow the rules and don't try to rush back too quickly then I should heal well and be playing start of November, even before that I hope," he told Dave.

Becks blamed his injury on the fact that he was pushing himself to qualify for the World Cup. "I think In the last two years I've been pushing myself too hard because I wanted to get into the World Cup and stay in the English national team and I'd been flying from LA back to Europe a lot and I think it gave up," he said.

But LA fans rejoice, Becks will be back playing for the Galaxy until his contract runs out.

"After that we'll see what happens," David said, "but I'm very happy there." As long as Posh loves LA, he better be happy there!

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