lindsayupsetsmall520.jpg Lindsay Lohan is distraught over a party picture that hit the web this morning, and even though she's holding a straw and seated less than two feet away from what appears to be several lines of cocaine, she's calling the whole thing "a set up."

The picture was taken at an after party in Cannes, France the night after a Los Angeles judge issued an arrest warrant for the actress, and even though it appears as though she's partaking in some questionable activities, it looks like Lindsay couldn't care less!

After suggesting that her father Michael had something to do with her passport's disappearance (for the record, he's been in the United States the entire time Lindsay has been in France), how does Lindsay expect anyone to take her seriously? Even if she wasn't actually doing drugs, she has no business being this close to them, especially after all the substance and alcohol problems she's had in the past!