lindsaytweetsherexes.jpgSenn pic courtesy of MTV

Probably not the best move LiLo! You have enough drama going on as it is what with that depo you keep ditching...

Linds, who just got back in town today, has been Tweeting up a storm the past few hours with messages to various people. Two of which stand out the most:


Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. First of all, why did you message SamRo again? Especially signing it with "xx always always." Just the other day, she was complaining about the DJ, saying she was "tired of @samantharonson playing the innocent card." Make up your mind, girl!

And now Linds is messaging her on-and-off Gucci model Adam Senn, but why? They last hooked up in late March at Voyeur after Adam ditched the girl he came with for Lindsay. Yeah, sounds like a real winner!

Stay focused on your career (which apparently includes playing a porn star!), the depo tomorrow and clearing up any and all drama with your father. Lindsay also Tweeted "oh, mother daughter time... here we go lol" a bit ago. Guess Dina is gonna make sure her daughter stays afloat this time!