michaelsunflowers.jpgSunflowers are being delivered as we speak to Michael Jackson's mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale. This past week, Lisa Marie Presley asked fans via MySpace to bring the King of pop sunflowers to the site of his mausoleum. Josh Levin, owner of sunflowerguy.com was quick to respond to Lisa Marie's request!

Levin tells X17online exclusively via cell phone on the way to Forest Lawn:

    "We're delivering 300 bushels of sunflowers to Michael's site. If someone were to buy this amount in a store, it would cost them $5000 dollars. But we are happy to respond to Lisa Marie's request and donate the flowers."

Levin, accompanied by his assistant, left their flower shop in Vista, California this morning at 6:30, and arrived at 9:25am. Black buckets, each filled with 50 sunflowers, were delivered. See the video below!

Forest Lawn tells X17online exclusively that this past Monday, Lisa Marie visited the cemetery with Sunflowers of her own. A source on site tells us,

    "Lisa Marie carried in a portrait-sized frame and bushels of sunflowers. She carefully arranged them to look as though the sunflowers are coming out of the empty frame ... almost like a 3D portrait. She spent over an hour getting it just right."

As for getting over a thousand sunflowers at once, Forest Lawn's flower shop tells X17online, "This is the first time we've received this kind of delivery. At the most, people have brought only 2 or 3 bouquets at once, but this is unbelievable! Security will definitely be escorting them in."