Michael Lohan has filed a request with the judge presiding over Lindsay Lohan's DUI probation case asking the court to order his troubled daughter into a private rehab facility in order to get help and avoid jail time.

In a letter obtained by X17online, Michael's attorney Lisa Bloom writes:

    "Michael respectfully wishes the court to be made aware of the following facts. As a father, Michael is gravely concerned about the deterioration he has observed in Lindsay’s condition over the past year and especially, the last few months. It is clear to Michael that the current court-ordered condition of her probation – namely, that she is required only to attend alcohol education classes – is insufficient.

    Michael therefore respectfully requests that the Court order Lindsay into an inpatient residential drug and alcohol treatment program. As a recovered addict himself, Michael is now six years clean and sober, and a certified minister and drug counselor. He has exhaustively searched for the best program for his daughter, taking into account her special needs as a celebrity who is hounded by paparazzi night and day, a young woman who appears to excessively use prescription medication, among other things; and a member of a family that could benefit from family therapy.

    Specifically, Michael believes that Oheka Castle, in Cold Spring Hills, NY, is the ideal program. It is a private facility with plenty of security that has successfully, privately treated other high profile celebrities. Michael is confident the doctors there will detox her, specialists will give her blockers and therapists will help her address psychological issues. Unlike other rehab programs Lindsay has been to, this facility would also include family therapy, which is much needed, Michael believes. Because this program is located on Long Island, New York, where her family (mother, father, and siblings) live, they could easily attend family therapy with her as needed. Michael represents to the Court that he would make attending family therapy classes with his daughter his #1 priority."

Daddy Lohan asks that if the court will not honor his request to order Lindsay into rehab, that she be forced to submit to "frequent, random, court-ordered drug testing; that Lindsay be subjected to random searches of her home and person by law enforcement; and that Lindsay’s probation be extended for an additional term of years to continue her period of court supervision. "

Last week, Lindsay submitted to a seven-hour deposition in connection with her 2007 DUI case. She's due back in court on May 20th.

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