michaellohanpic.jpgMichael Lohan is giving Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, an ultimatum ... meet with him today or face legal action, a source close to the situation tells X17online exclusively.

Our sources adds that a letter has been sent from Lisa Bloom to Holley on behalf of Michael requesting a sit down meeting with Dina, Lindsay and Holley. We're told everyone involved has "been cooperative."

In the letter, Bloom gave today as a deadline for the meeting to take place. Our source tells us, "If this meeting doesn't happen, then Michael and Lisa will move forward with legal remedies."

In a statement to our photographers yesterday, Dina responded to accusations she's not doing anything to help Lindsay and that she's denying Lindsay even has a problem, saying that she wasn't out partying with her daughter the other night until 2pm, but instead she was having dinner with Lindsay. She added, "Everything Michael says is lie."

In an exclusive statement to X17online, Michael responds to Dina:

    "I can't take the lies and accusations. I NEVER put anything out there about Dina - NEVER. As a matter of fact, I said to the press that Dina and Lindsay were probably having dinner, the Chateau is a hotel! I stuck up for them. And that rumor about me trying to get into Industry is a LIE! Who would go to a club at 2 am, when that's the time they close? What are people stupid. I NEVER tried to get in, I was at my hotel alllllllll night sitting by the pool. I went up to my room and got a call from a limo driver who said Lindsay was at Industry, so I got dressed and waited in the drivers car. I NEVER tried to get in. I was outside in the car for 15 minutes as everyone left ... and I left."

So are these two on the same page or not?